Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lately I've been on a mission to find the perfect doll for Charli. None of the pictures I've seen of her Half the Sky class have any dolls in them. (They have lots of great developmentally appropriate toys. I just haven't seen any dolls.) She may not have had a chance to have a doll of her own. So I want to get her something kind of special.

My criteria for the perfect doll are: 1. It should be age appropriate for a toddler. 2. It should be soft and cuddly. 3. It should have similar features to Chali.

I never noticed until now, but it is impossible to find baby dolls with Asian features in my area. Thank goodness for the internet. The search has been narrowed down to 3 candidates:

Fisher Price Little Mommy

Corelle Calin Yang

Lee Middleton Itty Bitty Nursery Baby

Help me decide. Vote for your favorite dolly. The poll will close at the end of the week. The winner will be added to Ming's growing toy collection. Heck, they will probably ALL wind up in Charli's collection, but a poll will be fun anyway. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you look for in dolls for your children.

7 Comments are "sew" fun!:

Lisa said...

I LOVE the first one in the yellow shirt (Fisher Price Little Mommy). She looks most like Ming too. Of course, you will end up buying them all :)

Sonya said...

Corelle Callin Yang is my favorite. She is precious!

Sunny said...

Jillian LOVES her Little Mommy dolls. They are her favorite. She received the Asian Little Mommy doll for her 1st b'day and it is still her favorite doll. Ella goes with us everywhere.

brynne_knits said...

The Little Mommy doll, for sure! John loved his when I was pregnant with Pete and now it's Pete's baby, too. They are wonderful baby dolls.

Christie said...

I like the Little Mommy Doll and Calin Doll. They are both adorable!


P.S. How did your Home visit go? Amy called to see if I knew you.

Autumn said...

I love little, "Corelle Calin Yang." Of course, that name is a little big for such a little girl! I also adore the "MyTwins" and "American Girls" dolls. You can create them to look like your own child. So precious!

Emily Rice said...

Well, this poll is over but since there was a tie, I am going to vote for Corelle Calin Yang - that doll is the cutest and has the same alst name as my boyfriend. :)

-Emily Ayi