Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Joy Comes in the Morning

A year ago this week Charli turned 5 in the hospital, two hours from home. She had 18 balloons, a mountain of gifts, and the undivided attention of her family and a whole floor of nurses. But let's face it, a birthday in the hospital stinks.
This weekend we celebrated her 6th birthday at HOME. She planned her luau themed party herself, and we followed her instructions to the letter. It was the least we could do, seeing as she had to wait two years to have a proper birthday party. The party was wildly fun and exhausting and deserves a post all its own.

Then the little booger surprised us with this.

Yes, that's a page of braille she's reading. I've been teaching children to read for a decade now, but nothing compares to the wonder of hearing my own children read. Conner has been reading for almost a year. Charli declared that she too would read when she turned six. I secretly wondered if it would take her longer to learn in braille. She showed me!

Happy Birthday sweet girl. 
I know you are going to continue to amaze us.

"You changed my sorrow into dancing.
       You took away my clothes of sadness,
       and clothed me in happiness." Psalm 30:11

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Happy birthday Charli!

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