Sunday, November 12, 2006

Post Op Knitting

I am now 48 hours narcotic free. The surgery went extremely well. Daddy-O had me home and in bed before I actually realized that it was all over. My boys were excellent care givers. Daddy-O kept ice packs on my face and Big C entertained me with his toys. (At one point I vaguely remember having a Drop and Roar Dinosaur on my chest.)

I didn't expect to get much knitting done, but I finished a pair of Fetching gloves for my MIL, got through the better part of a Ravenclaw sock, and started the Rustic Ribs Cardi. Anyone out there who is intimidated by knitting a sweater, turning a heel, or making cables should take heart. If I can do it on somewhat powerful drugs, you can handle it clear headed.

Things I asked/told Daddy-O a few times too many in the first 48 hours:
(Seriously, I kept saying the same things over and over.)

"Is my face swollen?"
"Tell me what happened on Lost."
"Did Meridith and McDreamy really kiss or did I just dream that?"
"McSteamy is such a bastard!"
"Hey, look at my sock."
"Feel this, it's Cashmerino. Ooooh Cashmerino..."

Off to bed tomorrow. I can't wait to show my first graders the teeth that I lost this weekend. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Soctober is Over, Sigh...

Finally, a pair of socks that aren't too loud to wear with my favorite grey sneakers. Cascade Fixation is my new best friend. Sproingy, cuddly, and NO ITCH. I'm going to start a pair of Fixation ancle socks for my MIL soon. But first I'm going in this afternoon to have my wisdom teeth removed. Experience tells me that knitting under the influence is BAD. Posted by Picasa