Sunday, April 03, 2011


 Last month we had an appointment with Charli Grace's low vision specialist. A low vision specialist is a optometrist who specializes in helping patients get the most out of their remaining vision. Our doctor also makes recommendations regarding school and the type of accommodations will be the most effective. She had not seen CG since well before her cornea transplant and the infection. She was able to assure us that CG's vision is essentially the same as it was pre-transplant. She also told us that with the right technology and accommodations that CG will be able to have a successful year in Kindergarten. 

She also connected us with Sight Savers America. They generously awarded us with a grant for a CCTV.  It is a flat screen monitor with a camera attached underneath. It magnifies anything you slide under the camera and can even adjust the contrast or color. She has one at school, but this is going to make a huge difference in her ability to do homework and enjoy picture books at home.

With this type of technology, the sky is the limit for CG. Her doctors have told us all along that driving will be one of her only limitations. (Although even that limitation may be gone in the future.) An education, a career, a family; these dreams are all within her reach. 

So far CG has had several career plans. Fold clothes at American Eagle. Be pretty teacher like mommy. (awww...) Have three babies and live with you and daddy. (uh, no)

At dinner this week we were talking about a family friend who happens to be an attorney. The kids wanted to know what a lawyer does so I explained that they know a lot about laws and help people follow them. I told CG she would be a great attorney since she is obsessed with interested in "the rules."

"But mom, who will drive me to work?"

"I'm sure we can work that out. But if you need somebody, I'll drive you."

Later at bath-time CG came up with a transportation plan of her own.

"You know mom, D (her best school buddy since 3k) told me he is going to marry me when he grows up. So HE can drive me around."

You've got to love a girl with a plan.
But you two and your three babies are going to have to find a place of your own.

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Family said...

What a sweet girl! Gotta love her desire for a great future!

PletcherFamily said...

I just found your blog though another and wanted to post. While my daughter does not have congenital glaucoma, she has Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (LCa) which is a genetic eye disease that is causing her to go blind. I am always looking to connect with other parents of vision impaired children. It is a hard road made easier with others!

take care,

Penny said...

This is my first time visiting your blog

I just had to post.. My daugther is blind (with vision) and its always impressed me that how much transportation comes into play when talking to her.

I was telling her she should be a TVI since she loves to teach. She thought it was a good idea but said it wouldn't workout becuase her TVI has to drive around to different schools and she can't drive. She said she could ride her bike (LOL) but she thought she would get tired. Your daughter sounds so bright.