Sunday, January 27, 2008

How do you keep from going crazy while you are waiting for your adopted daughter?

You knit her stuff... Lots and lots of stuff.
First a Modern Baby Blanket: I'm using Cotton Tots in their jelly bean shades. I'll probably throw in a little pink somewhere just for good measure and to match the dolly. I'm changing stitch patterns as I go to give it a little extra interest. Hopefully she will enjoy feeling the different textures someday. The changeup makes it a lot more interesting to knit. Just flip open the old stitch dictionary and go.

Next: Finish January's Sock of the month in time for Chinese New Year. Our adoption group is having a CNY party at a local catfish restaurant. It's the only place in town big enough for all of us. You can't get more "East Meets West" than that.

Finally: Work on the "Red Thread" blanket in TLC Wiggles. This pattern comes from the first Debbie Macomber knitting book. It's a bit of a pain to work the crossed stitch pattern, but I like how it is turning out. Why acrylic and not a natural fiber? This is going to be Charley's travel blanket. Puke washes easily out of acrylic.

Last but not least: Find something cool to knit for big brother. Is that not hilarious?
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"A Father's Heart"

This message has deeply moved both Chad and me. Please pray for the Burgess family as they endure this terrible storm.

Rick Burgess, of the Rick & Bubba Show, took the opportunity to speak at the memorial service for his son William Bronner Burgess (also known as Cornbread on the show). Bronner had accidentally drowned in the swimming pool at their house. Rick delivers a powerful message showing his family's strong faith in God and helps us to understand what we can do to honor his Father and his son during this earthly tragedy. For more information visit

Friday, January 18, 2008

Quick, get to the store for bread and milk! It's gonna' SNOW!!!!
Wednesday's flurries were hopefully just a preview of things to come. 1-3 inches of accumulation are predicted for our area tonight and tomorrow morning.

"Big deal," you say? Understand that snow is a rarity around these parts. Any accumulation sends Alabama into full scale Armageddon mode. My sweet little first graders have gone snow crazy. It's been at least 5 years since we've had a decent snow fall, so they have never experienced the joy of a snow day. (We close down school for an inch of snow? Heck yeah!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they get one. Especially since it's a Saturday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Paperchase Begins!

Start as you mean to go on... That's the advice Brenda Dayne gave for the new year on the lastest episode of Cast On. I took that advice as I carried the first of many envelopes of adoption paperwork to the post office. What's that I'm wearing? Why yes, it is Mr. Greenjeans finished just this morning. Starting the year off with a finished sweater and the beginnings of a new member of the family; it can't get much better.
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