Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reliving My Childhood
We are spending the week on the Gulf Coast. This is Charli's first trip to the beach. We haven't been in 3 years, so Conner is really experiencing it for the first time too. I'm amazed at all of the wonderful memories that Chad and I are able to relive through our children. The beach, the pool, the go kart track, going out for ice cream...They are taking it all in and enjoying every second. I am so proud of how they are growing and maturing. Charli would not have been able to handle all this excitement a few months ago. She has come so very far this year and Conner is an outstanding big brother. This trip has been an excellent way to celebrate our first year together as a family.
As is ancient Bama beach tradition, we took both kids for an airbrush t-shirt this evening. They applauded the airbrush guy when he was finished. They put them on as soon as we got in the condo. (Somehow we managed to stop them from stripping down in the parking lot.) We headed right out to the sand for some pictures.

Psalm 127:3 (The Message)
Don't you see that children are God's best gift?
Thank you Lord for these precious gifts!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Reason to Celebrate

It has been a long and exciting week. Charli Grace had two eye appointments this week. The first was with, Dr. Wang, a cornea specialist in Nashville, the second with her glaucoma specialist in Birmingham. That is a lot of driving in one week, but we got very encouraging news. Both doctors agree that she is a good candidate for an procedure called PTK. Basically Dr. Wang will use a laser to remove some of the scarred tissue from her right cornea. This should improve her field of vision and reduce her light sensitivity. We go back to Nashville in 2 weeks to finalize the details. Dr. Wang also confirmed that her condition is in fact called Peter's Anomaly. This doesn't change her treatment, but it is nice to have a name to the disease.

To celebrate the good news we stopped by Krispy Kreme for delicious hot doughnuts. We polished off nearly a dozen along with some nice cold milk. I call that a nutritious lunch.
Hot doughnuts coming off the line: Conner was fascinated.
Doughnuts and chocolate milk: a winning combination.

We can put away some doughnuts. This was all that was left.