Sunday, October 28, 2007

Unexpected Reaction

I couldn't help envision receiving the Mother of the Year award as I sewed the buttons onto C's top down cardigan. Disregard the pile of clothes in his room that are yet to be put away. Forget that I've let him have PB & J for dinner at least three nights this week. I just made one freakin' adorable sweater for my child by hand.

Imagine my surprise at his reaction...

The boy was not happy with the buttons. In the mind of a 2 year old lad, sewing vehicle shaped buttons onto a sweater is a waste of perfectly good playthings. He refused to wear the jacket (or quiet down) until the buttons were removed.

So C can now happily sort his buttons and wear his cute new jacket. Maybe I can still be Mother of the Year. I just need to find some plain new buttons.
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daddy-O claims he can gauge my stress level by the amount of knitting that I get accomplished. Less knitting equals more stress. The 8 or so rows of garter stitch that it took to finish off Holli's baby blanket is the sum total of knitting I did Monday through Thursday. Things are looking up though, so let's dwell on happy things.

For example: happy families at weddings,
love birds,
and crazy uncles that show up for weddings in Elvis wigs.

I feel better already!
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stick a fork (or a Chibi) in me...
Humpty Dumpty is chillaxin' on Lane's Modern Blankie. I've bound this one off, now all I need to do is decide on a border. There's no time to waste because the shower is in two weeks.

I also bound off Fran's diagonal stroller blankie. This one is knit from Lion Brand Watercolors that I found for less than $1 a ball. I would normally pass this yarn by, but it was just crying out to become a baby blanket. It looks sort of like knit up cotton candy. I ran out of pink so one little corner is finished off in purple. Let's call it an "interesting design element."
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