Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where have I been? Sick family, end of the school year stresses, and sore wisdom teeth leave little time or energy for posting. I'm glad to report that Big C and Daddy-O are recovering from their colds and Mommy is LOVING socks on two circs. See how C looks on with awe as I TRY ON my sock.

You may be wondering what happened to my Ravenclaw yarn. Well Cho, as I like to call the skein, is beautiful but somewhat fussy. I waited a long time for my chance with this yarn and I don't want to blunder into a relationship without a game plan. (Unlike Harry) First I want to learn how two use two circular needles. Next I'm going to try a short-row heel. I'm even considering starting from the toe up so that I can get as many stripe repeats as possible. So at the rate I'm going I should be through with the Cho socks in time for book seven...

In the meantime I'll be working through the other house colors and naming them after other female HP characters. I'm calling these Millicent. Posted by Picasa

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