Sunday, March 04, 2012

Respect the Cane

Charli has been using a white cane on and off for over a year. Some recent changes in her vision made us realize that she really needs the cane at school as well as out and about.  She was clingy, bumping into things, and not getting around as independently as before. With the cane in hand her confidence reappeared almost immediately. I very glad that she has this tool to help her be independent. We get many curious glances and sometimes even downright stares. I have to remind myself that people rarely come in contact with a blind individual, much less an adorable 6 year old who just happens to be blind.

Etiquette Around a Person Who is Blind or Visually Impaired:5 Simple Tips
My tip: Don't panic if your child points or asks, "What's wrong with her?" Kids ask questions because they are curious, not to offend. Calmly explain that some people can't see well and use a cane to help get around.

Charli's Tip: My cane is a tool, not a toy.   

Ready to Conquer the World

Of course Charli took the cane along to her Girl Scout cookie sale this weekend. Don't you love the poster? She wrote, "GL ST CK." To those of you who haven't taught kindergarten before it means "Girl Scout Cookies."

By the way, I'm wearing my Snowcloud Cardigan that I finished the night before. Hooray for actual knitting content.

Our sales team was very aggressive enthusiastic. They sold out in 2 1/2 hours. (And the parents rejoiced!)

Charli is scheduled for an exam under anasthesia in a week to determine what has caused the change in her vision. We are confident that whatever it is will be treatable. Please keep us in your prayers.

Sunday Snapshot

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