Friday, July 22, 2011

New Do


During (All Smiles!)


It has taken a looooong time for CG's hair to reach her shoulders. But honestly the look wasn't working. Multiple trips under anesthesia in the past year really thinned it out. She had a kind of wispy mullet thing going on in the back, but she wasn't ready to give up the hair that took so long to grow out. Not to mention that the lingering issues from having her head shaved at the orphanage made hair cuts not so fun.

This week our China friend, Lily, got an adorable hair cut. I showed CG the pictures, and suddenly she was ready for a big girl do. She jumped right into the chair at the salon, and without a single tear my baby became a big girl.

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Kim :) said...

CG looks BEAUTIFUL!! I love that new do!!