Sunday, June 15, 2008


We are spending the summer break getting Charli's room ready for her. My parents painted these adorable letters for her wall. I've been knitting away on her log cabin blankie. Poor Daddy-O has been doing the hard labor; hanging letters, moving furniture, etc... We are almost finished. Now all we need is a little girl!

A steady stream of dolls have been making their way to Charli's collection. Ling and Little Mommy came via Amazon and Ebay. Annie the rag doll came from one of Chad's students as an end of the year gift. I knit little Dolly myself. A girl can't have too many dolls. I'm sure Charli will have her own names for them. One can only wonder what they will be.
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3 Comments are "sew" fun!:

Kim :) said...

OH!!! She has a bed... and her name is on the wall over it. I think I might cry!!! BTW... MeiLeigh needs a knitted doll... that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

We need an official update!!

Emily said...

What a beautiful room - love the colors you chose! This is too exciting... - Emily Ayi

blindpurls said...

Charli's room looks fantastic! Gee I wish I had dolls like her when I was little. In the 80's they didn't make Asian dollies!