Sunday, January 27, 2008

How do you keep from going crazy while you are waiting for your adopted daughter?

You knit her stuff... Lots and lots of stuff.
First a Modern Baby Blanket: I'm using Cotton Tots in their jelly bean shades. I'll probably throw in a little pink somewhere just for good measure and to match the dolly. I'm changing stitch patterns as I go to give it a little extra interest. Hopefully she will enjoy feeling the different textures someday. The changeup makes it a lot more interesting to knit. Just flip open the old stitch dictionary and go.

Next: Finish January's Sock of the month in time for Chinese New Year. Our adoption group is having a CNY party at a local catfish restaurant. It's the only place in town big enough for all of us. You can't get more "East Meets West" than that.

Finally: Work on the "Red Thread" blanket in TLC Wiggles. This pattern comes from the first Debbie Macomber knitting book. It's a bit of a pain to work the crossed stitch pattern, but I like how it is turning out. Why acrylic and not a natural fiber? This is going to be Charley's travel blanket. Puke washes easily out of acrylic.

Last but not least: Find something cool to knit for big brother. Is that not hilarious?
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