Sunday, October 28, 2007

Unexpected Reaction

I couldn't help envision receiving the Mother of the Year award as I sewed the buttons onto C's top down cardigan. Disregard the pile of clothes in his room that are yet to be put away. Forget that I've let him have PB & J for dinner at least three nights this week. I just made one freakin' adorable sweater for my child by hand.

Imagine my surprise at his reaction...

The boy was not happy with the buttons. In the mind of a 2 year old lad, sewing vehicle shaped buttons onto a sweater is a waste of perfectly good playthings. He refused to wear the jacket (or quiet down) until the buttons were removed.

So C can now happily sort his buttons and wear his cute new jacket. Maybe I can still be Mother of the Year. I just need to find some plain new buttons.
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