Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Breakup

Sweater: "You're not ready for this. I'm asking too much with all the seaming and alternating skeins. "

Me: "Yeah."

Sweater: "So we're breaking up?"

Me: "OK, I'm frogging you."

*rip, rip, rip*

Sweater: "We're broken..."

Me: "It's over... Hey, what are you doing? Get back in your storage bag."

Sweater: "Break up cast on."

Me: "Break up cast on..."

Sweater: "Break up ribbing, break up button band..."

Me: "Break up ribbing...button band...mmmm"


Stupid sweater monogomy. I was ready to start seeing someone new.

Cue the McDreamy music.
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