Sunday, August 26, 2007

A moment of blatant vanity:
Farrah taught me how to flat iron my hair yesterday. I am so proud of myself for pulling off an actual hairstyle that I had to document the results. It almost looks like my little avatar. Thank you dear Farrah for teaching me to be fabulous!

Remember the Knit Picks Dancing that was on clearance? I know I said that the colors weren't my cup of tea... but last month a few balls wound up in my shopping cart along with some new circular needles. (Knit Picks circulars; where have you been all my life?!) This darling little ankle sock is the result.

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Doogle Knits said...

Hi Jennifer,

I wanted to thank you for my fabulous sockapalooza socks! They fix perfectly and I absolutely love the colors. Thanks again. Laura