Friday, April 27, 2007

What a Week!
Daddy-O and I started the week off with the amazing Glory Revealed concert at Shades Valley Baptist. Here's Mac Powell and David Nasser.

It was also cool to see Brian Littrell even though I've always considered myself more of a N'Sync kind of girl.
I finished this hat for Warm Woolies on the way home. I doubled the Kool-Aid sock yarn that I dyed last year, cast on, and made the pattern up as I went along.
Big C liked the results even though the colors are way too Auburn and a little too girly.

I cast on this Gryffindor beret during 24 Monday night. I haven't gotten very far though. It's DIBELS week at work and needless to say I've been coming home stressed and TIRED. The good news is that my students performed wonderfully on the test. Now we can take a deep breath and enjoy our last 20 days of school. And maybe, just maybe I can get some knitting done...and possibly clean the house.
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