Sunday, November 12, 2006

Post Op Knitting

I am now 48 hours narcotic free. The surgery went extremely well. Daddy-O had me home and in bed before I actually realized that it was all over. My boys were excellent care givers. Daddy-O kept ice packs on my face and Big C entertained me with his toys. (At one point I vaguely remember having a Drop and Roar Dinosaur on my chest.)

I didn't expect to get much knitting done, but I finished a pair of Fetching gloves for my MIL, got through the better part of a Ravenclaw sock, and started the Rustic Ribs Cardi. Anyone out there who is intimidated by knitting a sweater, turning a heel, or making cables should take heart. If I can do it on somewhat powerful drugs, you can handle it clear headed.

Things I asked/told Daddy-O a few times too many in the first 48 hours:
(Seriously, I kept saying the same things over and over.)

"Is my face swollen?"
"Tell me what happened on Lost."
"Did Meridith and McDreamy really kiss or did I just dream that?"
"McSteamy is such a bastard!"
"Hey, look at my sock."
"Feel this, it's Cashmerino. Ooooh Cashmerino..."

Off to bed tomorrow. I can't wait to show my first graders the teeth that I lost this weekend. Posted by Picasa

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knitnut said...

Iam so impressed with the amount of knitting you were able to do while on drugs and healing. I am glad you are feeling better and sounds like the surgery went well. Hope your first graders are super impressed with the teeth. Your knitting is beautiful.