Thursday, July 06, 2006

Knitting for Olivia

I took a short break from mitered squares to do a little baby knitting for my best work buddy who is adopting a baby girl from China. The plan is to make a 'days of the week' bib set in pink and green, but 100% cotton is tough on the hands. I'm going back to the miters tomorrow. Thank goodness Cotton-Ease has a little more... well... ease. Posted by Picasa

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lieblingsgarn said...

Thank you for you comment on the blanket. The Lion Brand Cotton feels pretty good. It splits only very very occasionally but you can usually feel it as you try to pull your stitch off the left needle and you know to stop and redo that one. It's not to hard on the hands - it has a little give to it, definitely not as hard as regular kitchen cotton. I was lucky with this project that the colors were close enough to work, and I think they will fade with a couple of washings, which I plan to do before I gift it! The rest of the Lion Brand cotton colors are pretty limiting for other log cabin projects. Love your blog!