Monday, April 10, 2006

Sock Progress

My watermellon stripe Kool Aid socks are coming along nicely. This isn't the best photo, but the colors are fairly accurate. I love the heathered effect that came from overdying the sections after they weren't saturated enough on the first try. And check out the cool striping on the heel flap. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty smug. Posted by Picasa

2 Comments are "sew" fun!:

alison said...

Wow, those colors came out so great! So how did you do the striping? Did you follow one of those online tutorials??

Jennifer said...

Thanks Alison! I followed the tutorials at Streets and YO's and See Eunny Knit. However I skipped the math part. I just made a really long loop of yarn and divided it into thirds. My sister is coming over for a kool aid dying party tonight. I'll be sure to post pics of the process.