Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lovelies from the Queen Mum

Big C and I had the pleasure today of visiting with Mrs. Mordecai, the Queen Mother of Hand Knit Dishcloths. Mrs. Mordecai learned to crochet when she was 3 and taught herself to knit as a young woman in the 1940's. She's 90 now and spends a lot of her time making dishcloths.

C entertained himself by pushing her walker around while I knitted and chatted with Mrs. Mordecai and her daughter. To top it off we headed home with these lovely dishcloths in Mrs. M's "spring collection."

Of course I had to stop by Hobby Lobby this afternoon and cheat on my yarn diet. I must return Her Majesty's gesture and besides, 5 dollars worth of dishcloth cotton is just a wee cheat anyway. Posted by Picasa

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